[Wine] Wine RPM and Mandriva 2007

Stephen stephanos at writeme.com
Thu Oct 4 18:25:45 CDT 2007

Dear Erik

Thanks for that starter.  I tried it.  Not much happened, or so I 
thought at first.  In fact new entries appeared in my menu.  Wine; 
Configurator; File Manger etc.  I am now assuming I do not need those 
four commands.

I went back to the user guide to see what to do next.  I cannot find any 
instructions on how to install an application.  I have copied a 
programme onto the HDD.  I looked in the user guide and nowhere does it 
say "Installing an Application".  I thought the section 3.1.1 - 
Application Settings might tell me.  I tried what was mentioned there 
and located the executable of the application I want to install.  I now 
have an entry in the Applications tab window and I have assigned Windows 
98 to it.

Any further helped desperately needed and much appreciated


Erik de Jong wrote:
> To install an rpm, use the rpm program. Generally this will mean
> executing 'rpm -i <package.rpm>' in a terminal. Alternatively it may
> be possible to use the 'urpmi' application supplied in mandriva, but
> as I am no mandriva user I'm not sure on details...
> Erik
> On 10/5/07, Stephen <stephanos at writeme.com> wrote:
>>Dear All
>>I have had only partial success with Wine and now I am approaching it
>>afresh with Mandriva 2007-0.  I have ensured their is no version already
>>installed from the distribution and I have downloaded
>>wine-0.9.46-mdv2007.0.i586.rpm.  I do not know what to do after this.
>>The user guide is not clear enough for an inexperienced user.  In fact
>>the only thing it says is:
>>"2.2 Installing Wine from a package
>>Installing a package on a fresh system is remarkably straightforward.
>>Simply download and install the package using whatever utility your
>>distribution provides."
>>How do I install it and after installation do I have to use those four
>>commands mentioned in: 2.3.2 Compiling Wine
>>   $ ./configure
>>   $ make depend
>>   $ make
>>   # make install
>>Thanks and wait to hear
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