[Wine] Printing in Corel Draw through CUPS (Roland Kaeser)

Charles Morrison eplurib at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 11 14:27:10 CDT 2007


Roland Wrote:
    Many, many thanks for the change. I reported this already at 
2005-10-15 in bug #3599.
    But nobody seemed to take care about this problem. I think this 
brings the whole thing much further.
    Roland Kaeser

/Back in 2002 I had a slogan of "Windows free by 2003".

Obviously, I'm a little late and it's due to not being able to get Corel 
Draw and a couple other programs running under Linux (WINE).

Up till lately, I was unable to get Corel Draw to install. Now Corel 
Draw installs, but won't work with my plotter/cutter. The first step was 
just to get it working with a printer. Once accomplished, I see that I 
cannot get it working with anything else if I use the changes suggested 
in the previous post.

I am now in a position to act as a beta tester, if some one wants to 
work with an end user (me) and try to solve this problem with WINE or 
CUPS, where ever the problem can be solved.

Charlie Morrison

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