[Wine] is wine's ASPI suitable for firmware update?

Németh Márton nm127 at freemail.hu
Sat Oct 27 10:33:08 CDT 2007

L. Rahyen wrote:
> On Saturday October 27 2007 05:30, Németh Márton wrote:
>> My question is that how complete is the ASPI implementation in wine?
>> May the firmware update work under wine, or we are far from this state?
> 	Direct hardware access doesn't work on WINE. For example, you cannot record 
> CD or DVD using Windows software under WINE. However, you can record CD or 
> DVD using VMWare (it has free trial for 30 days - more than enough to update 
> firmware). VirtualBox or QEmu (both are free) maybe will work too but I never 
> tested them for that purpose. Actually, I never used VMWare for updating 
> firmware in SCSI/IDE/SATA device but I think this should work too - probably 
> as good as CD/DVD writing. Anyway, there is no harm to try this. You can 
> download VMWare at http://vmware.com .
> 	Use of sophisticated virtual machines is the only way in your case. Another 
> alternative is to use DOS executables for update (many vendors have them as 
> an alternative) with FreeDOS but this will require reboot; and this is only 
> way if you havn't a copy of Windows CD/DVD (it is needed for virtual 
> machine).

Thank you for your response. I am afraid that FreeDOS is not suitable in
this case as the firmware updater .exe requires Win32 API. I was thinking
about ReactOS ( http://www.reactos.org/ ), but I haven't tried it, yet.

Using VMWare, VirtualBox or QEmu could be a solution, thanks for the idea.

	Márton Németh

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