[Wine] usb support in wine/linux

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Oct 31 10:42:43 CDT 2007

On Wednesday October 31 2007 14:38, Jorge Alves wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have two usb dongles that work great in windows with the windows native
> drivers for usb.

	Try to insert your dongles when you in Linux. Do you see 
additional /dev/ttyUSB? devices (where "?" is a number)? If not WINE will not 
work with you dongles because it doesn't support Windows kernel-level 
drivers. But WINE will work perfectly with your dongles if they are ttyUSB 
devices. If not then read below for solution.

> Could someone point me to some on-line literature able to assist me in my
> quest to put this dongles working in my Linux/wine Kubuntu box.

	Try VirtualBox [1] (I really like it with Seamless Mode turned on) or VMWare 
[2]. VirtualBox is free, VMWare isn't. I think that VirtualBox should work 
with no problems with your dongles (and with any Windows software that needs 
these dongles).
	In practice, USB support in VirtualBox works great in most cases but 
sometimes not. If USB doesn't work for you in VirtualBox then read 
http://virtualbox.org/wiki/User_FAQ and "Troubleshooting" -> "Linux hosts" in 
the http://virtualbox.org/download/UserManual.pdf .
	If still doesn't work then try VMWare instead.

> I don't have the knowledge to write Linux drivers for this dongles (I am
> just a linux user), but...  don't mind to try.

	In the Internet you can find a lot of information about writing drivers. 
However if you havn't time to write them you can just use any virtual machine 
you like as I described above.

	[1] http://virtualbox.org
	[2] http://vmware.com

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