[Wine] usb support in wine/linux

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Oct 31 12:29:07 CDT 2007

> 	Try VirtualBox [1] (I really like it with Seamless Mode turned on) or VMWare 
> [2]. VirtualBox is free, VMWare isn't. I think that VirtualBox should work 
> with no problems with your dongles (and with any Windows software that needs 
> these dongles).
> 	In practice, USB support in VirtualBox works great in most cases but 
> sometimes not. If USB doesn't work for you in VirtualBox then read 
> http://virtualbox.org/wiki/User_FAQ and "Troubleshooting" -> "Linux hosts" in 
> the http://virtualbox.org/download/UserManual.pdf .
> 	If still doesn't work then try VMWare instead.
  I've looked at the virtualbox site and I've found that their OSE (Open Source
Edition) doesn't contain USB support. It's a stopper for me as my policy is
"not to accept any binary packages" on my system. They decided to remove it
from the OSE because they count it as an "Enterprise feature". They probably
think that home machines are not using USB, that people don't have mobile
phones, GPS receivers, or simply any other USB devices unsupported in Linux.
  With regards, Pavel Troller

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