[Wine] usb support in wine/linux

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Oct 31 12:48:06 CDT 2007

On Wednesday October 31 2007 17:29, Pavel Troller wrote:
> > 	Try VirtualBox [1] (I really like it with Seamless Mode turned on) or
> > VMWare [2]. VirtualBox is free, VMWare isn't. I think that VirtualBox
> > should work with no problems with your dongles (and with any Windows
> > software that needs these dongles).
> > 	In practice, USB support in VirtualBox works great in most cases but
> > sometimes not. If USB doesn't work for you in VirtualBox then read
> > http://virtualbox.org/wiki/User_FAQ and "Troubleshooting" -> "Linux
> > hosts" in the http://virtualbox.org/download/UserManual.pdf .
> > 	If still doesn't work then try VMWare instead.
> Hmm..
>   I've looked at the virtualbox site and I've found that their OSE (Open
> Source Edition) doesn't contain USB support.

	But you can download VirtualBox with USB support for free. This is better 
than nothing...

> It's a stopper for me as my 
> policy is "not to accept any binary packages" on my system. They decided to
> remove it from the OSE because they count it as an "Enterprise feature".
> They probably think that home machines are not using USB, that people don't
> have mobile phones, GPS receivers, or simply any other USB devices
> unsupported in Linux. With regards, Pavel Troller

	I agree - this is really stupid.
	I remember that QEmu accelator was proprietary non-free software but was 
freely downloadable. After some time it was released as open-source. 
Hopefully at some point VirtualBox developers make similar decision to 
release USB support as open source too.
	I think that QEmu has USB support (read its man page for more information). 
But I have no idea how well it will work in practice - I never tested it. You 
can try it yourself: http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/download.html .

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