[Wine] Running EQ2 under Wine locks my system... anyone else?

JusTiCe8 justice8 at wanadoo.fr
Thu Sep 20 17:27:08 CDT 2007

Chris Howe wrote:
> L. Rahyen wrote:
>> 	Personally I see no point to use ssh or telnet just to kill X. I think it is 
>> a lot faster and simplier to press Alt+SysRq+K (this assumes that your kernel 
>> has "SysRq magic key" enabled). At least this is what I do in most such cases 
>> (BTW, X crashes for me very rarery; I'm using NVidia driver).
>> 	Of course if you like to use ssh or telnet then you may prefer remote 
>> access - this mostly depends on personal habits I think...
>> 	If you want to check if your kernel have this feature or not just switch to 
>> Linux console (typically by pressing something like Ctrl+Alt+F1) and press 
>> Alt+SysRq+K - this should kill you current shell (don't worry, this is 
>> harmless action).
> Keyboard's completely dead in this situation, as mentioned
> in the OP.
I confirm Cheis is right, X takeover keyboard (even modifier keys are 
frozen, like CAPSLOCK/NUMLOCK) and mouse and in some rare cases, syskeys 
still operate, but it is for some cases only. Such issues is reported on 
user mailling lists.

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