[Wine] Running EQ2 under Wine locks my system... anyone else?

L. Rahyen mail at science.su
Fri Sep 21 00:35:12 CDT 2007

On Thursday September 20 2007 09:07, Chris Howe wrote:
> L. Rahyen wrote:
> > 	Personally I see no point to use ssh or telnet just to kill X. I think
> > it is a lot faster and simplier to press Alt+SysRq+K (this assumes that
> > your kernel has "SysRq magic key" enabled). At least this is what I do in
> > most such cases (BTW, X crashes for me very rarery; I'm using NVidia
> > driver).
> > 	Of course if you like to use ssh or telnet then you may prefer remote
> > access - this mostly depends on personal habits I think...
> > 	If you want to check if your kernel have this feature or not just switch
> > to Linux console (typically by pressing something like Ctrl+Alt+F1) and
> > press Alt+SysRq+K - this should kill you current shell (don't worry, this
> > is harmless action).
> Keyboard's completely dead in this situation, as mentioned
> in the OP.

	If keyboard is *really* "dead" (at software level) then the kernel is dead 
too and you will not be able to use ssh or telnet to login into dead machine. 
If you can use ssh or telnet then you can use SysRq keys and there is no 
exceptions! SysRq keys handled by the kernel and cannot be blocked by 
userland process including X. For me there is no cases when I cannot use 
SysRq keys to switch to other console or kill X if kernel is alive.
	By definition, if you cannot use SysRq keys this is probably severe hardware 
failure (most likely RAM or video card, sometimes motherboard or overclocked 
processor). Theoretically this can happen because of severe failure in kernel 
drivers (especially proprietary ones) but in practice this never happened to 
me (I'm using Linux for many years but it should be noted that I never have 
tried ATI cards). In fact, even when kernel is broken and partially unusable 
(you cannot login to the machine anymore either locally or remotely) SysRq 
keys still work.
	In short if kernel is alive (for example, if you can use ssh or telnet to 
login remotely), SysRq keys will work no matter what happened to X.

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