[Wine] Problem with FlexLM licensing

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Fri Sep 28 10:44:16 CDT 2007

On Friday September 28 2007 13:42, Paul Jackson wrote:
> I'm trying to run up ModelSim (a commercial simulator for hardware
> description languages), which is licensed on FlexLM, using the hard disk
> number. This program isn't listed in the apps database.
> I have a valid license, and the Flex tools are correctly identifying,
> under Wine, that there's a licence and that it's valid. They find the
> appropriate env variable, identify the license, and then confirm that
> the license is good. ModelSim has its own license diagnostic utility,
> and this also manages to find the license, and confirm that it's valid.
> However, when I run up ModelSim itself, it complains about an invalid
> license environment.
> I've got no idea what's going on here; presumably ModelSim is using a
> different mechanism to communicate with Flex when it runs its license
> diagnostic, and when it runs the app for real. I've tried running it
> under strace, but I haven't managed to get any clues on how it
> communicates with Flex.
> Any ideas? Are there any known problems with running flex-licensed apps?

	I'm not sure about your app but Maya (with FlexLM) license works fine with 
WINE. Please note that I didn't test it for a while so I'm not sure about 
compatibility with current WINE but not so long ago it worked perfectly. So 
it is possible that this problem is specific for your app.
	Your really should file a bug report here: http://bugs.winehq.org . By doing 
so you will help WINE developers fix your bug. Thanks.

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