[Wine] HUGE .... WINE runs a very complex testing proggy

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Thu Apr 24 20:38:12 CDT 2008

	Well, it seems that I misunderstood this post a little (because I didn't read 
it fully actually at first time).

I wrote:
> Someone wrote me privately:
>> You didn't read to the end of the post - it was a success story, it
>> works perfectly in the latest Wine :-)
>        You right, I didn't...
>        Well, at least my statement about trolling is still valid - users are
> free to post and discuss everything they want without afraiding
> trolls.  
>        But anyway, I would like to hear the name of the program in question
> even in success stories, just out of curiosity. 

	So, sorry for some misunderstanding. However, I'm still curious about what 
program you are talked about...

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