[Wine] Who asking users to install native DirectX?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Sat Apr 26 17:56:54 CDT 2008

chourmovs wrote:
> recent games require native dll that are not yet implemented.... but you know that i suppose  :?
Here is how we handle this situation:  We (that is the Users) file a bug 
report and we also update or create an Applications Database entry that 
tells the developers there is a problem.  Without this input, we the 
Users will never see any improvements in the code base.  There is a team 
of developers trying very hard to implement all of the functions of 
DirectX version 9.  If we (the Users) decide that installation of 
DirectX 9, which is not supported in any fashion, will fix the problem, 
this is unacceptable.  Please understand that you, on your own, can 
install the entire DirectX package, but be advised this will not work 
and may actually make your Wine installation unusable requiring a 
complete re-installation of it (this is not a trival task and may force 
you to re-install any and all Windows applications.)  Here is what I 
think should happen:
1.  The suggestion to install DirectX 9 should be removed from the 
Applications Database, if it has not been already.
2.  We (the Users) need to file appropriate bug reports, IF THEY DO NOT 
ALREADY EXIST.  If a bug report exists, please create an appropriate 
login on Bugzilla and add your name to the CC: area so you will be 
advised of the status of the bug and if any fixes need to be 
3.  We need to constantly update the Applications Database, on a release 
by release basis, of any applications we are using or attempting to use 
with Wine.  Note that no application can be rated Platinum if you have 
to use a native dll to get the program to function properly. 

It is functionally correct to use a native dll from a Windows XP 
installation, provided you have a licensed copy of Windows XP (I do and 
it is licensed forever) and you do not use Wine and WindowsXP at the 
same time.  This IS NOT true for .dlls provided with applications as the 
EULA may be different.  This is definitely not true for some of the 
products produced by Microsoft.

The bottom line:  Do not install DirectX 9 onto Wine and then expect the 
developers to fix any problems you encounter.  This is what we call "Not 
Supported".  The same is true for what I am doing, however the program 
and Wine continue to function properly and I am not happy as many fixes 
are needed to get the program to work, properly, with all Wine builtin 
.dll files.  However, I am also willing to work to get all functionality 
of the program to work (I do a little development on the side.)

James McKenzie

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