[Wine] Re: Networking problems with IDU Verwaltung software

qwertymn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 4 06:13:14 CDT 2008

Hi, first you should get rid of the 2 error messages:
fixme:actctx:parse_depend_manifests Could not find dependent
assembly L"Microsoft.VC80.CRT"


err:ntlm:SECUR32_initNTLMSP ntlm_auth was not found or is
outdated. Make sure that ntlm_auth >= 3.0.25 is in your
err:ntlm:SECUR32_initNTLMSP Usually, you can find it in the
winbind package of your distribution. 

I'd suggest start all over again installing the app in a new fresh .wine (You could use a new WINEPREFIX to do so)

First try get rid of first error message:

'WINEPREFIX=/tmp/test wget http://kegel.com/wine/winetricks && sh winetricks vcrun2005'

For the second one, you should install the winbind package as suggested by the terminal output. (For Fedora for example it's called "mod_auth_ntlm_winbind.i386", you can install it with yum, but probably you're using another distro?)

Now install the app again and run it again (e.g. , 'WINEPREFIX=/tmp/test wine installer_of_the_app.exe' etc etc)
if the error messages are gone, and you still can't connect post console output again. Regards

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