[Wine] Having problems with games' copy protection, pls help

morbius wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 18 02:14:37 CST 2008

For years I kept Windows beside Linux only to play games, but I'm getting tired of it and want to use Linux for everything. I'm not really a hard-core gamer, but like having something around to play when I feel like it, mostly older games. Unfortunately, I didn't have much luck with Wine until now.  :( 

Ok, I know that most game copy protections are not compatible with Wine for now and that no-CD cracks are often required to play Windows games, but it seems that cracks just won't work on my computer! For instance, I've installed Prince of Persia: SoF, everything went fine, I've put in the cracked exe and started the game and it asks me to put in CD2. I've tried the same crack on Windows and it worked just fine.

Then again yesterday, I've installed Omicron: The Nomad Soul, put in the crack that worked for others, but when I started the game it asks me to put in a game's CD. Can anyone help me please, I really don't want to be forced to play this game on Windows again like I've done with Prince.

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