[Wine] how to fix consistent crash if mouse is not contained?

stephanecharette wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 18 04:27:28 CST 2008

First time trying Wine.  Host is Ubuntu 8.10; I installed Wine 1.0.1 from Synaptic.  I'm impressed!

My wife has a set of "Nancy Drew" games she'd like to play.  They install fine, and seem to play, but if the mouse ever goes outside the Wine virtual desktop window, the game crashes and the following Windows-style dialog box is displayed:

FastBltNoTrans() - err ret = 88760096, pDescription = Dirty Rect Fast Blt, rSrcRect: t=158, b=198, l=-5, r=25, dwDestX=-5, dwDestY=158 - DDERR_INVALIDRECT - Rectangle provided was invalid.

If I disable the "Emulate a virtual desktop" option, then I get 
"InitDirectDraw() We're sorry - your system cannot play the correct display mode for this game.  Game shutting down."

  (I'm guessing it doesn't like my native multi-monitor resolution.)

So I guess my questions would be:

1) can the mouse be configured somehow to stay within the Wine desktop?
2) or, can the Wine desktop be made to run full-screen instead of a "virtual desktop" in a native X window?
3) or, does anyone know if there is a fix for this?

I searched in the AppDB, but the only Nancy Drew games listed (I think there were 3) are games she happens not to own.


Stéphane Charette

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