[Wine] MacOS X cocoa and carbon for Linux?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 22 21:52:07 CST 2008

hahomir4ev wrote:
> As far as I get the idea behind the WINE project , is to make Linux mach more user friendly , by the means of allowing Linux users to run Windows applications , instead of waiting someone to write those applications for Linux .Which may never happen , because the software developers are not financially interested to do so. Or someone to create a open source free analog. Therefore if you are able to use Mac OS apps in Linux the same way you can use windows  executable via WINE ,this discussion  is related to WINE and Linux.
Actually, no.  You are discussing how to get MacOSX applications to run 
on Linux, not Windows applications on either Linux or MacOSX.

You might find a friendly discussion somewhere else on the 
implementation of Cocoa/Carbon on Linux, but this is not a topic of 
discussion here.

James McKenzie

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