[Wine] Re: Last Wine 1.1.10/11 = pulse sound stuttering

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Dec 29 06:28:38 CST 2008

Be aware that 1.1.x line is development line so defects do happen.  1.0.1 includes a pulseaudio patch.

"With padsp & Virtual OSS work... but pulse crash often on long game session (nosound -> console -> and i type pulseaudio for get back the sound)."

That failure is not wine related.    That is a pulse internal defect.   So I would recommend disabling pulseaudio completely.

Also be aware if your card has hardware sound mixing you are for sure better off without pulseaudio reason pulseaudio uses your cpu for audio mixing that take cpu time away from your game.

Also dmix from alsa is also lighter on cpu usage.   Yes less features.  I prefer less features and my games running stable than most features and glitches due to internal defects in pulseaudio.

Not exactly on the 3gb map issue.  Another work around is to use a Linux cgroup to limit the memory wine sees so you can use all of memory normally.   Issue here is a funny one.   Wine says 4 gb to application wow does not know how to handle it.      Something wow users miss enable PAE mode on there Windows XP and it will spit chips the same way.   PAE mode allowed 4 gb of user space and kernel space of 32 bit windows in a different memory zone.   Yes also allow 32 bit windows xp to take advantage of 8 gb or ram or more.

There is a reason why Wow is not designed for PAE mode a lot of Windows drivers also spit chips in PAE mode.

Basically tell wow it has 4 gb of ram to use it goes nuts and trys to allocate more than that.  Yes 4096MB is not the max for a 32 bit system.   Max for a 32 bit system with PAE enabled is 64 GB.

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