[Wine] Wine problems

Jason Russo jdrusso at iglou.com
Mon Feb 4 18:46:39 CST 2008

Hello everyone,

My name is Jason and I'm new to this mailing list, although I've been
using Wine for several months now.  I say that loosely, as I really
haven't been able to get many applications to run, so I come to all of
you now seeking help.

One of the biggest reasons I try to use Wine is to play games.  I tried
Cedega about a month ago, and couldn't get most of my Windows games to
work with it.  I emailed them four times and yet to get a response back,
so I downloaded the latest version of Wine 9.53, but still have
problems.  I have tried to run Civilization 4, Star Wars Battlefront
Diablo 1 & 2, and Starcraft with no luck.  The only game I got to play
is an obscure game called Sacrifice.  I don't know what is special about
it that makes it work when no others will.

I have Mandriva Linux Spring 2007.1; kernel version 2.6.17-14 with Beryl
Window manager.  My hardware is an Athlon 64 3000+, Nvidia 6600LE Video,
NVidia CK8S sound driver & LG L1932TQ Monitor.  Are there any issues
with Wine and any of this hardware and/or software?  Is there anything
that I should know about running wine on Mandriva on a 64bit system?
I've tried the Wine binaries and compiled the source, but nothing works!
It's driving me crazy, especially when I hear other people are getting
it to work.  I apologize for the long message, but can someone please

By the way, does anyone know what this error is about?  I get it every
time I try to play Civilization4:

fixme:process:IsWow64Process (0xffffffff 0x33efbc) stub!
fixme:advapi:QueryServiceObjectSecurity 0x137e10 4 0x137e48 0 0x33ef40 -
fixme:advapi:QueryServiceObjectSecurity 0x137e10 4 0x137e48 28 0x33ef40
- semi-stub
fixme:advapi:SetEntriesInAclA 1 0x33eed0 0x137e5c 0x33ef3c
fixme:advapi:SetServiceObjectSecurity 0x137e10 4 0x33eebc

Thanks in advance.

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