[Wine] usb scanners - was Windows Kernel & Executive implementation

robert w hall bobh at n-cantrell.demon.co.uk
Sat Feb 23 04:46:59 CST 2008

In message <7410225b0802221150m2d480de2of793658542d737e7 at mail.gmail.com>
, Volodymyr Shcherbyna <v_scherbina at mvps.org> writes
>    Unfortunately, that code just do stubs, and it is not actually 
>    executed in kernel mode. 
An interesting driver in this case is the kernel mode driver for the
many  usbscanners,  usbscan.sys :-)

/As I (don't) understand it:-/
Presently the sane-devel guys spend much effort sniffing and parsing
quite complex calling conventions produced by proprietary usb-scanner
drivers - but most of the driver-chain is in user mode, (and so might
run under wine or win4lin), until the final kernel-mode driver

The purely usb aspects of usbscan.sys, especially things like bulk usb-
read and write, could perhaps be handled in linux user-mode by libusb.
?But the calling convention for usbscan.sys (which uses CreateFile etc)
needs to interact with the file handler in a way incompatible for the
present wine-server?. (see earlier musings, and reports of success with
patched drivers, reported by by Damjan Jovanovic)
robert w hall

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