[Wine] Windows Kernel & Executive implementation

Volodymyr Shcherbyna v_scherbina at mvps.org
Fri Feb 22 18:25:21 CST 2008

RegMon was just one of the examples. But basically, RegMon uses vxd driver
for Windows 9x. For XP it uses NT driver which hooks SDT. On Server 2003 it
uses legacy registry notification API.

UMDF support started from XP. It does not cover 2k. Also, UMDF is just a
part of WDF. However, I think it will be good to implement basic things,
like NT drivers support.

2008/2/23, Dan Kegel <dank06 at kegel.com>:
> Volodymyr Shcherbyna <v_scherbina at mvps.org> wrote:
> >>>[many apps use helper device drivers, e.g. RegMon, FileMon, TDIMom]
> > > http://source.winehq.org/source/dlls/ntoskrnl.exe/ntoskrnl.c
> > Unfortunately, that code just do stubs, and it is not actually executed
> in
> > kernel mode.
> The current ntoskrnl.c is enough to run a few apps.
> It's not intended to run arbitrary NT drivers.
> Now, RegMon uses a VxD, and I don't think we're ever planning on
> really supporting those.   Wine does ship with nine 'fake' VxD's;
> these were added because they were needed by popular apps.
> So if you have a particular VxD that's important enough,
> we can reimplement it as part of Wine.
> I just noticed Microsoft's UMDF (User Mode Driver Framework).
> I bet we could support UMDF drivers pretty well if we wanted to.
> Have you ever played with that?
> - Dan

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