[Wine] unimplemented function gdiplus.dll.GdipGetGenericFontFamilySansSerif

Kevin Horton khorton01 at rogers.com
Fri Jan 4 15:59:55 CST 2008

On 4-Jan-08, at 15:31 , L. Rahyen wrote:

> On Friday January 4 2008 11:55:29 Kevin Horton wrote:
>> But, I don't think we can say
>> that the problem when trying to use the native gdiplus is simply a
>> Windows code bug.  The program apparently works just fine when  
>> running
>> on Windows, as I cannot find anyone complaining about it on the
>> various Sirius forums.  So I think we simply have a different problem
>> when using the native dll.
> 	This is most likely not a Windows bug but a WINE/UNIX  
> incompatibility. Some
> Windows DLLs are partially compatible (gdiplus, quartz, comctl32 and  
> others),
> some are incompatible (dsound, kernel32, and others). "Partially  
> compatible"
> means that a DLL may work very well most of the time but may crash  
> in some
> cases and in most cases this isn't a WINE fault.

Are you hinting at differences between Unix and Linux, as Wine is  
likely most tested on Linux?  I tested on Ubuntu 7.10, running inside  
VMWare Fusion on my Mac, and I get the same failure.  So this may be  
an issue on Linux too.   I realize that this could be an artifact of  
running Ubuntu in a virtual machine running on OS X, so possibly the  
root cause is some incompatibility with OS X.

Or are you saying that if Wine doesn't work properly on Unix and  
Linux, it is up to Unix and Linux developers to fix their operating  

Should I file another bug for the case where I get a failure when  
using a native gdiplus.dll?
Kevin Horton
Ottawa, Canada

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