[Wine] cant find libGL.so with wine 0.9.52

Michael D. Johnson mikej163 at cableone.net
Sun Jan 20 10:44:31 CST 2008

Hi group and moderator L. Rahyen

I've run into a small problem with the current release.  I can do the
initial load of VirtualDubMod  (I've always used wine for it) but when I
try to have it read a file the startup window starts screaming for about
800 lines it can't find libGL.so then gives up and GPF's on me.

But I have the 32 bit version of the Mesa libraries installed at
/usr/lib and the 32 bit version of the X11R7.3 mesa libraries installed
at /usr/local/lib and the corresponding 64 bit installed in /usr/lib64
and /usr/local/lib64 .   I've also checked the ld.so.conf file to see
what order the libraries are searched.  

I'm kind of scratching my head here. It looks like it should be a
configuration problem, either wine or mine. 

I would appreciate any suggestions.

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