[Wine] Newbie needs help

Graeme Nichols gnichols at tpg.com.au
Wed Jan 23 22:12:43 CST 2008

Douglas A. Whitfield wrote:
> someone else can probably speak to this better than me but there is a 
> .wine folder.  I don't have my Linux box on at the moment, so I can't 
> tell you for certain.  do an ls -a on your home dir and see if anything 
> wine related is there.  What you need to do is put the floppy contents 
> in the correct folder on the fake Windoze install.  Let me know if that 
> doesn't help and I'll fire up the other box and take a look.

Hello Douglas, Charity,

I have finally figured it out :-(

I copied the windows files to ~/.wine/drive_c/ccw, set the C drive in 
winecfg to point to drive_c and lo and behold it now all works. Marvelous.

Thanks to yourself and Charity for your help. It is very much appreciated.


Kind regards,

Graeme Nichols.
Registered Linux User 381781 (http://counter.li.org/)

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