[Wine] Printing /MYOB

Russell Butler russellb234 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 19:21:13 CDT 2008

spauldingsmails wrote:
> Is there any resolution in sight for this problem? I'm getting pretty
> desperate to get payslips in particular working under MyOB v17 (I'm
> having the exact same problem in the latest myob version).
> Even a workaround would be great at this stage.

On the basis that yonnie said he had it running under a previous version 
of wine, I have been trying to do  a regression test, with very limited 
results thus far. I've set "git bisect good" to wine-0.9.30 which is 
about 18 months old, in the hope that this will cover an appropriate 
period, but no luck after the first couple of compiles, partly because I 
forgot I had to give it a 'CC="ccache gcc -m32" ./configure --verbose' 
on my amd64 system and spent a while working out why I got compiler errors.

I'll try again aver the next few days.

Yonnie, if you receive this, is there any way you can suggest about what 
version of wine was working, just to speed up the testing?


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