[Wine] Firefox 3 Darwine Errors

zach at drayer.name zach at drayer.name
Mon Jul 7 19:41:21 CDT 2008

> Just completed a fresh install of Darwine 1.0b and Xquartz to fix some
> application issues and discovered when I downloaded and installed the
> Windows version of Firefox I get the following series of errors. This is a
> partial log since the errors just continue as long as Firefox is open
> until either WineHelper crashes or Firefox crashes. I have manually
> downloaded Flash from the adobe site, it helped slow down the rate of
> errors a bit. I've also installed several of the winetricks but no change.
What version of Wine are you using? Open Terminal.app and type
"/Applications/Darwine/Wine.bundle/Contents/bin/wine --version" to find

And i'm seeing the same messages with Darwine/Wine 1.1.0 + Firefox 3.  It
looks like its just a bunch of functions that aren't implemented by wine

The "fixme:xrender:X11DRV_AlphaBlend Unable to AlphaBlend without Xrender"
message is a fault of Apple's X11 having some bugs in it still, not of


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