[Wine] mp3 game produces no sound in Wine 1.0

Jochen blackdrag at gmx.org
Thu Jul 10 04:25:45 CDT 2008

louy2k schrieb:
> Dear Jochen,
> Thanks for your reply,
> Some files may be played, but for a so short duration that I can hardly hear anything :)) !!!
> Auditing my mp3 files generates the following report:
> IDv3 tag missing,
> various bit-rates :
> some are CBR,
> some are VBR.
> some sampling rate at 32000,
> some sampling rate at 22050,
> some in joint stereo,
> some in 1 mono,
> all with volume gain set to 0.

all I know is, that if someone is not normal there, then the winemp3.acm 
  will have problems.

> Futhermore, I noticed that WINE 1.0 provides settings in the Audio tab.
> Seems like it expects unified mp3 specs, especially for sampling rates.

yes, I guess so too

> Q1 : Do you have information on the winemp3.acm constrains ?
> My guess is that one clue could be unify theses specs to a format that works (yet unkown !!!)
> Could be a lot of work, consequently unsure mainly because of time consumption.

well, I am just a user, not a developer of wine. I had problems with 
mp3s in a video like you had, and found a solution on the net, which I 
then used and improved. That's all. If you want to improve wine, talk 
with the developers.. probably best on the devlopers mailing list.

> Q2 : I've not found how to disable winemp3.acm yet, do you have any clue ? 
> (I'm sorry to ask, I may have missed some point in the wine documentation)

if you start winecfg, then there is a tab named libraries. There you 
will find a drop-down-box where you can select dlls, but where you can 
also write text. There you write winemp3.acm, and add the library (the 
button right besides the dropdown box). After that you can edit the 
setting for the library (mark winemp3.acm and press the button below the 
button for adding it) and select in the option list to 
deactivate/turn-off/disable (last option) it. Then you are done.

bye Jochen

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