[Wine] Mac Wine.app Launcher

Zach Drayer zach at drayer.name
Thu Jul 10 12:44:14 CDT 2008

The builds of Darwine from http://thisismyinter.net/?p=47 (which i compile)
have all the necessary libraries as far as i know.  For a list of all the
libraries that i installed for Darwine, see http://thisismyinter.net/?p=45 -
maybe i missed one? Feel free to let me know if thats the case and i'll add
it in.
As for turning this into a "nice Mac installer package" I'd point you back
to the previous link (/?p=47) where i do exactly that.  There's no need to
force everyone to install XCode to compile Wine and necessary libraries.  I
haven't heard of many issues about people not having the proper libraries
from my packages.  And the issues i have heard of (libxml2/libxslt-related)
were fixed quickly enough.  The only libraries that i *dont* have are
libcapi20 and libhal.  libhal because HAL needs things from the *nix kerel
and isn't compatible with OS X as far as i ca tell.  And i cant eve find
where to download libcapi20. But who uses IDSN still ayway..?

True, i'm not the first hit im google like the kronenberg.org builds are,
but these builds are still on the first page of google. Skimming the page
might have saved you some trouble and anger..

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