[Wine] Rumble Fighter. A free game that won't work.

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Sun Jul 20 00:32:05 CDT 2008

ultumix wrote:
> Yes and it has nothing to do with the local. I have tested this in XP and got the same result except that I could log in. The same error message came up in XP. 
Then the program appears to be broken.  You can try the following:

Run winecfg.

Click on Add Application. 
Search through to the executable for your program.
Set the Windows version to something like Windows98 (I'm assuming this 
program will run on Windows98, if not select Windows2000.)
Click on the OK button.

Try to run your program again. 

The error message dialog should NOT appear.

And send the application producer a message that their program is not 
properly running under WindowsXP.  The Wine production team cannot do 
anything about that problem.

James McKenzie

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