[Wine] Re: WoW WotLK Beta cant install

Xlorep DarkHelm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 23 10:12:45 CDT 2008

Boktai1000 wrote:
> With the recent release of the WotLK Beta, after running the installer and scrolling all the way through the EULA, the Accept button remains grayed out.  The game works fine, if you were to install it on a Windows partition and then copy it over you would be able to execute the game.  Even though this is just a Beta it would prob be a good idea to start working on how to fix this because more and more people are going to be getting in, and the installer for the retail game will probably work in a similar way also.
> Here is a SS of the problem - http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/8178/wotlkinstall1wy0.jpg
> Wine Version 1.1.1, Ubuntu 8.04.1 (Fully Updated)

I have exactly the same issue currently.

> The beta is closed, but anyone is able to download the client, so for testing purposes...

Not quite true. You need to have WoW Burning Crusade installed to be able to install the beta client at all. To have that, you need to have gotten the Burning Crusade client, which will install if you have an active WoW account... so complex and kinda difficult to test the problem I think, unless the person already has a WoW Burning Crusade install going.

My plan right now, is to install WoW's client on my WinXP laptop, then follow up by installing the Beta client as well. From that, I then will copy the installed Beta client back to my desktop, which hopefully will circumvent this problem entirely. The only problem is this is a royal pain to get all working.

I have so far gotten the beta client copied over to my laptop, and am getting the regular client's installer downloaded to then put it also on my system.

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