[Wine] light.exe : error LGHT0001 : Invalid IDT file: 'some temp dir\codepage.idt'

Richard Prescott rdprescott at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 07:17:56 CDT 2008


additional keywords: MSI Component

I am trying to use WiX on updated Fedora Core 8 using wine-1.0-1.fc8 rpm.
Using both latest stable (2.0.5805) and beta version (3.0.2925) of WiX I
receive error message regarding `codepage.idt'.  I attach a testcase with
log.  I hope I am poking at the right place.  It seems that some have
successfully ran WiX under Wine so I just hope it is a simple thing to fix
on my side.

My question is:  What do I need to do to make it work? What are your

My Wine is a 1.0 version, and seen the log it looks like patch from bug
#11414 is applied.  Note that I had to install mono in order to make go up
to this point.  I used mono-1.9.1-gtksharp-2.10.4-win32-2.exe.

Thanks everybody in advance.  I really appreciate Wine.

Best Regards

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