[Wine] Re: Wine Problems

bryane wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 28 13:55:42 CDT 2008

ok I found a folder I had of wine source so i typed in

> make uninstall

and then went to the ~/ folder and typed in wine and this time it says

> bash: /usr/local/bine/wine: No such file or directory

ok it looks like I uninstalled it this time...

what would would be the next step I need to take to try and make sure everything is off so i can reinstall it to see if i can get this Wine to work properly... I am going to 

> yum remove wine*

since I did earyler yum install wine* and I want to make sure that's off... then what?

been 2 months or so since i been trying to get this to work HAHA

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