[Wine] WoW freeze computer

Marco Di Fresco marco.difresco at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 14:52:16 CDT 2008

> Marco Di Fresco wrote:
> > While I play with World of Warcraft my computer keep freezing (totally, I have to push the reset button).
> >From the Wine FAQ:
> > If you are getting a complete deadlock and are unable to even use your mouse after running Wine, it's probably not a specific problem with the Wine software. Wine is a user-level process, and shouldn't be able to completely hang the operating system under any circumstances. Instead, Wine is likely exposing a deeper problem with the system, such as a defective hardware driver.

Thank you for the answer.

Unfortunately I have to ask if there is a way to debug the freeze to
determine which driver is faulty (as I mentioned, I already asked this
question to the Ubuntu Forums, but I didn't got any answer). :-/

By instinct I would think about the video card (GeForce 8800GTX), but in
this period I tried several versions of the drivers, but no one fixed
the problem.

I don't know if the audio card drivers can be at fault. I never tracked
the version of Alsa (I use its open drivers for my Creative Audigy 2
Gamer ZS), but I know that these drivers are bundled with the Linux
kernel and so far I tested every kernel version since (I am
using 2.6.26 now).

As I said, I did a memtest for 8.5 hours and I got no error.

Thank in advance.

Marco Di Fresco <marco.difresco at gmail.com>
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