[Wine] Re: things I miss in wine

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 3 14:11:42 CDT 2008

Jochen wrote:
> Hi there,
> there are many issues in wine and you can work around most of them 
> somehow but there are few that you can not bypass.
> Copy Protection:
> wine seems to support a few copy protection systems, but not all. No of 
> course you could say that a nocd crack should be used to work around 
> that issue, but what if there is none available? Many games are done for 
> different countries in different versions. It is quite possible that a 
> English crack won't work with a Spain, Greek, German,... version. Not to 
> forget that such a crack is illegal in most countries already. What wold 
> have to be done to get *all* copy protection system working? Starforce 
> for example. Well or fool them enough to satisfy them would be good 
> enough for me ;)

To rename Wine into Windows XP and install later. Seriously - this is impossible. Some copy protection systems check for bytecode entry of lots of functions. That means that Wine's code have to look _exactly_ the same as windows and be compiled with _exactly_ the same tool chain. Neither of this is possible.

Oh and btw most of those copy-protection thingies don't work on vista as-is. Especially the older ones.

For more information - google around for why one copy protection or the other doesn't work on Wine.

Jochen wrote:
> Multiprocessor abilities:
> True, that is a recent development. But to say hat games won't use it or 
> that there won't be windows software out there that can't use multiple 
> processor sound a bit ignorant to me.. that's because I know that it is 
> not true. At last for the games sector, there are a growing number of 
> games that are able to use more than one CPU. All unreal3 based games 
> for example will have multi CPU support. Are there plans for wine to 
> change it to let it use more than just one CPU?

Wine does support multiple CPUs right now. There are limitations of course.

The biggest one - Xorg still does not support multi-threading and all attempts at just initializing X server connection for multithreading fails on multiple platforms. Until this is fixed - all visual output will be for single CPU only.

Also do not compare apples and oranges. When you see all CPUs loaded on windows for one particular game, that does not mean it's really that much faster then running all of the game on one CPU. Also some functions _will_ run faster when they are executing on one CPU only. Such as sound mixing.

So your view on Wine is wrong. Read up more stuff before making such wrong claims.

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