[Wine] Re: All Wine dialog boxes have the mouse symbol out of position

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 20 16:32:27 CDT 2008

briancady413 wrote:
> I've just installed Wine.
> Every Wine dialog box/window, on mouseOver, jumps the mouse cursor left and up, but sends mouse clicks to where the mouse would/should be.
> In other words, when I roll the mouse over any Wine box, the arrow symbol immediately moves  left and up, then subsequently moves in relation to how I move the mouse, until the original mouse location exits the dialog box, when the arrow jumps back right and down,
> Mouse clicks are sent to where one would expect the mouse cursor to show up, so that  I have to guess where the arrow would be if it had not jumped on mouseOver, in order to click a button.
> There an exception to this - when the mouse arrow is over the grab-bar, that moves the dialog box, it remains in the original position, where mouse clicks are sent. Other than that the mouse jumps left and up when over the dialog box.
> Is there a way to fix this?
> I installed Wine onto Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04. This is not a dual boot system now, although I tried to dual boot before realizing how much hard disk space Ubuntu needs.
> I tried uninstalling and re-installing Wine, to no avail.
> Running a set-up.exe program yields the same behavior on mouseOver.
> Brian

Have you changed any settings in winecfg? Have you disabled compiz?

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