[Wine] Re: How many votes would Trados need to get into support

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 21 05:27:51 CDT 2008

Yes and no. You have to assume that on Window, the service is launching upon start of Windows (it is already running even before you launch a software. It may be launching even before the GUI of windows appears.

Hidden should it be but as I read from Vitamin on another tread, Wine is not supporting windows running but not appearing.

I would not consider it invalid, because this black window is actually the licensing utility which is refusing to install at the moment, the utility which is actually checking the license. 

And no there is no demo. Every full version without a license IS a demo (with limited functions). The 30 days full demo can only be sent from SDL. The only thing you can officially find on the internet are download of cracked versions.
I can send my version for anybody liking to work on it and once you want to check the licensing, I can lend you my license for a couple of days.

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