[Wine] Re: How many votes would Trados need to get into support

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 21 07:56:04 CDT 2008

I can't confirm, I don't get this message.
This message had been fixed for me as the VBA error while running Workbench had been cleared (some ole error).

I can load the macro. Workbench can load the macro and the task bar is appearing.
It is also responsive.
However I have to open a .doc document to use it - and as soon as I open the document, word has lost track of the macro and can't find it again.
When I configure the macro in the autostart, I get a message that Word can't find the macro.

When I use workbench to use the macro, it's working perfectly (so that I can analyze a .doc text or align two word documents) so the problem is not about the macro itself or its editor (I am not using it).

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