[Wine] Re: autocad 2008 and wine

miciomax wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 21 18:18:58 CDT 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> .......
> If we don't speak up, then the next version of AutoCAD just might not
> work with wine, and then what will you do? Buy Windows?
> Dotan Cohen

I'll stay with a version that DOES work in wine waiting for a native opensource alternative.
IMHO, we've got twice the probability to have an opensource autrocad-like app in linux than a port of autocad.... Knowing a bit of MFC/DOTNET/DIRECTX, I'm sure that it'll be by easier by far to write a cad from scratch than port autocad on linux.

And, if we REALLY want a good alternative, instead of whining in front of autodesk's door we should try to start a true (and maybe sponsored) autocad-like opensource project.
IMHO, in 10 years we could have an even better alternative than autocad.

BTW, I'm using cad since the first beginning (about 20 years ago), and I'm quite happy with autocad 2005; I leave fancy eyecandies of post-2005 to people that like them.
Speaking about "newer" and "better" (???) apps, I'd like to know somebody that really uses some "new and better" stuffs in office 2003+ that office 97 doesn't have.... Me not, for sure. Even whorse, I was fighting each day with that damn'd autocorrect-autobullet-autoidiot stuff embedded in office 2003, which IMHO is made by english language ill-minded programmers that think that me must all write letters in english and because of that we need an app that uppercases each "i" letter for us.... Do we really need that ???
Before migrating to openoffice, I resorted to open notepad, write my texts on it and cut-and-paste to M$ Weird, to avoid autodummy stuffs.
And it was NOT enough to disable the autostuffs, they got re-enabled after some time autoidiotically... do you still think that's a "better" app ? me not.
Same thing of autocad 2008/9. What do you USE that's not in 2005 ? The supercustomizable interface ? The autohighlight of entities when cursor passes over them ? Auto linked cross sections of 3d objects that are so slow to be unusable ? New .net programming ? DirectX support ? (oh, wow, we've got dx support, how wonderful, it doesn't matter if it's slower than opengl, IT'S DIRECTX !!!!) Or maybe you MUST use it because other people do   use it and send to you dwg that you can't open in 2005 because they're incompatible ?
I guess the latter is the answer.....


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