[Wine] Re: can't uninstall wine in /usr/local

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 25 19:45:33 CDT 2008

Trevorofmolino wrote:
> I want to uninstall wine and get wine 1.0, but when I try to uninstall wine there is no /usr/local/wine there is only
> bin  games  include  lib  man  sbin  share  src directories.

Then you mast have removed that directory. You can't "make" anything without Makefile. If you removed that dir - you can't "make uninstall"
The only thing you can do:
- Extract that tarbal somewhere (don't use /usr/local it's the wrong place)
- 'cd' into that directory and run './configure'
- Then run your 'sudo make uninstall'

BTW everything above you should be running as normal user not root.

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