[Wine] Re: Fullscreen Problem

Tekmo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 26 19:16:03 CDT 2008

xrandr lists both 1400x1050 and 1680x1050.  1680x1050 IS supported by my system and the only reason that Warcraft resolution does not list it is because it does not list widescreen resolutions (for gameplay balance reasons, but if I force a widescreen resolution it will stretch the window yet also correctly take advantage of my monitor's native resolution). However, even when I set my desktop resolution to 1400x1050, which is a resolution my system supports (it is listed in xrandr) and Warcraft recognizes (it shows up in options), it still shows the black bar.

I just wanted to point out that the black bar only shows up when using my bastardized fullscreen workaround.  When I run warcraft without the -window option / compiz fullscreen hack and just have it invoke fullscreen naturally by a plain vanilla execution of the game there is no resolution problem and it uses up the screen perfectly.  The only time this occurs is if my window manager makes it fullscreen and only if it is wine.  I do know it is a wine issue, though, and not a window manager issue for the reasons I noted in my first post.

To clarify, what I'm doing (which gives the black bar) is this:

[Set compiz to automatically fullscreen windows named war3.exe]
wine /path/to/war3.exe -window -opengl (the opengl is because directx does NOT work at all with -window for reasons I haven't investigated)

The "vanilla" way (which works, but is terrible at alt-tabbing) is:

wine /path/to/war3.exe (same behavior with or without -opengl)

Also, I wanted to note again that the 1400x1050 listed in the game's configuration is NOT the resolution the game uses when it is windowed.  It uses the size of the containing window, even if that window is fullscreened.  Changing this resolution has absolutely no effect when running windowed.  It only has an impact if I do the "vanilla" run of warcraft without my window / compiz fullscreen workaround.

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