[Wine] Re: wine only installed on linux?

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 28 05:09:22 CDT 2008

That example would be an experience for Windows users!!!
Usually one say that the strength of Window is to be sold with computer so that every user (unregarding their abilities in the field) would use Windows without thinking of what they actually had on the computer.

Now the user would get a barebone O/S, should he wants to use a browser, he will get the message "the Internet module had not been yet install). Please install the internet module to proceed further. Now they want to watch their holliday picture and get the message "no video software installed -please run the install disk".

At least what a windows user will stop saying about Linux is that Linux is an hassle because of having to install bits and pieces afterwards to get something running (whereby I already heard a comment about my Linux that I had too many packages installed and that's why Windows would be better).

To finish with, my sister threw Vista out of her computer and took XP because somehow the softwares kept getting online to work properly.

I am sure she will like it!! [Laughing]

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