[Wine] Re: Wine and security, keeping viruses contained

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 3 11:34:18 CDT 2008

JerryQuest wrote:
> Hello everybody, I think Wine is a great project. I am still new to linux (running Ubuntu, for that matter) but I have started to delve into rights management and security, so I have a question concerning the setup of Wine: Is it really advisable to link so many of may Linux home folders to the simulated Windows environment? If a windows virus deploys within the simulation and tries to delete *.doc files, for example - a lot of such viruses exist - then it could do so within my home directory on the Linux side, correct?

Yes. Anything your user can do Wine can so does any program running on Wine.

JerryQuest wrote:
> How can I switch this off, and should I do it? Is this dangerous or not?

You can do that in winecfg by un-checking "link" check-box. And removing mapping for the Z: drive. However this will not stop Wine from accessing the entire disk - everything your user can.

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