[Wine] Re: Draft Call for Testing

Tlarhices wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 7 20:36:36 CDT 2008

The explanations are good I think, just a few points (mainly personal opinion) :

"even for people who don't know a commandline from a kumquat"
Insulting people even for fun and in a funny way isn't a good idea if you want many inexperienced users to discover wine the "good" way.

Adding a friendly page on "How to fill a test report" and maybe good examples can be helpful to lower the quantity of bad reports.

In the past, test reports was taking a really long time to be accepted, I hope there will be enough people ready to read them for the hunt.

And is there a way to see the platinium rating software without test reports on a specific version of wine ?
Might be useful to limit the quantity of platinium software not going through the test.

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