[Wine] Re: Getting gamepad to work, detection problems.

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 8 01:27:54 CDT 2008

gnivler wrote:
> I was reading some other threads here and found a suggestion you had made previously to someone else - I ran a windows joystick test program, and it is seeing the guitar controller and responds accordingly.  If it works with one application and not another, does that definitively place the issue with the 2nd application?  Seems so to me, but I know nothing about how wine works.

If your game looking for a particular device with specific name then it won't work on Wine. Linux drivers add manufacturer name at the front of the device name. There is nothing Wine can do about this. Ex:
On windows: "Logitech MOMO Racing USB"
On Wine: "Logitech  Logitech MOMO Racing"

gnivler wrote:
> Going to work on it from another angle with native libs and see how that goes, it got the game running in the first place.

Doubt that will help. Native dinput doesn't work with joysticks on Wine. The hardware interface completely different.

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