[Wine] Re: first translation patch - broken characters

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 11 11:30:12 CDT 2008

vitamin wrote:
> Unfortunately license is one of those things that should not be translated. Or it will loose it's power. See for example here : http://www.gnu.org/licenses/translations.html

However it had been translated on "clock" for instance, I took most of the translation there and adapted it to what I though it to be be better.

Legally though, If one does not have conditions in a language that he/she can understand, it would not be applicable to him/her.

Most contracts have a translation where at the end it is written that for any problem with the understanding of the contract, the original text in xxx will prevail.

Timeout wrote:
> What codepage have you used to edit the file? And what codepage have you used to look at the diff? 

I used Gedit with the correct characters and had it so on the screen when I made the diff.
Russian is a specific case, it's not using latin letter at all, so perhaps there is a specific configuration for it.

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