[Wine] Problems running the game GUN from Neversoft.

Mason gnivil at gmail.com
Tue May 13 17:03:15 CDT 2008

fredand44 wrote:
> The preselected installpath was:
> c:\Program Files\Activision\GUN
> I tried to change it to /home/fredrik/Wine_Applications (without creating the folders "Activision/GUN")
> But then the installer complained about:
> "Seleceted does not have 3112 MB free"
> ...even though I got 100 Gb free space.
> So I kept the original preselected installpath "c:\Program Files\Activision\GUN"

This is because wine does not see your filesystem in the same way, for 
lack of a more technical description.  Z:\  is / on your unix fs.  If 
you wanted it installed to that folder it would be 
z:\home\fredrik\Wine_Applications.  You could even move it now that it's 
installed by:

mv /home/fredrik/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\Activision/GUN 
then link it
ln -s /home/fredrik/Activision /home/fredrik/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files

I believe would be correct.  Note that this after-the-fact move would 
maintain the folder structure that you might not want.  If the registry 
has key(s) for the game path you can alter it and just update the 
registry too.  Some games don't care what folder they're in, no way to 
know without first hand experience with it.
> At end of install I got the choice to install DirectX 9.0, I selected not to since it did not work last time.
> I restarted the computer. Put in the game-cd in cd-drive.
> Double clicked on the Gun-icon on my desktop, but as like yesterday I just got this popup:
> <A debugger has been detect>
> Unload the debugger and try again
> If any one got any clue of what to do please let me know!
> Best regards
> Fredrik

Good call on the directx, you do not want to install that in wine.  As 
for the debugger thing I know I've seen it referred to but I'm having no 
success finding it right now, I think it might be related to copy 
protection, from what I can find on the interweb it's protected by 
SafeDisc 4.60.  I don't think SafeDisc is support/implemented under wine 
either, but I may be totally off base.*
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