[Wine] Re: problem build wine lib

nev wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 18 14:47:31 CDT 2008

Thank you for your rely. All the files are listed, I just can not count. javascript:emoticon(':(')
SadNeither suggested option will work in my case.
I need to support BOTH Linux and Windows application running at the same time and have them share a small block of memory.
I have the Linux version up and running, and now need to enable the Windows version.
I require to use shared memory other IPC do not have the required features and/or performance.
I need the windows version because there is a large part that I do not have source. But I can write DLLs to become part of windows application.
I need to be able to do one of the following.
1. Share memory between the Linux app and the Windows app.
2. OR be able to call a Linux shared library from a Windows DLL. Primary purpose is to share memory.

I have found no reference to 1. any where in the documentation, It would appear that 2. must be possible because the documentation talks of wrapping a windows DLL inside a Linux shared library.
I read that as being this Linux can make any Linux shared libraries (because it is a Linux shared library) and wine will load this library as a windows DLL and other windows application can seamless access it.
Are my assumptions correct? 
What tools should I use to build this “wrapper” shared library?

Any further suggestions?
Thank you again.

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