[Wine] Re: Asus eee and wine.

Bamm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 24 11:31:12 CDT 2008

therock003 wrote:
> Double clicking on an .exe doesnt work for me.I hav even opened with and selected the wine as the default app but every time i have to execute the exes i select open with and then type wine.

I think you can associate the exe extension to Wine from your file manager. See if there is something like Tools > Options and look around for a way to set file associations.

Additionally I have found that if the binfmt package (support for extra binary formats) is installed, then exes automatically open in Wine even without associating them. You can even run them from the command line like as "./filename.exe" instead of "wine filename.exe".

therock003 wrote:
> Anyway other than that i managed to install a freeware cad app,but i could get vlc running and a couple of portable applications.BTW is there a way to configure portable apps in a way that allows them to run as well?

VLC has a linux version; I don't see why you would need Wine to run it. So do many portable apps.

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