[Wine] AMD/ATI + Linux + WINE = FAIL... all around.

Belboz99 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 25 11:56:15 CDT 2008

Hey all

I have here two machines...

Machine A)
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ CPU
Nvidia 6800GT GPU
Ubuntu 8.04-32bit OS

Machine B)
Intel Q6600 CPU
2GB DDR2 800 RAM
Ubuntu 8.04-64bit OS

Machine A plays Civilization IV and Oblivion just fine, played for an hour last night with no issues.

Machine B gets to the part where it initializes the engine of the game and after a brief glimpse of the intro video (if I'm lucky) it crashes to the desktop.

The 6800GT from Machine A was installed in Machine B before I upgraded from an E6300 with an AsRock board to the Q6600 on a Gigabyte board. The AsRock board had support for both PCI-e and AGP, this Gigabyte board of course does not, so there's no swapping the GPU's back where they were. (mobo is now at work, CPU is now in server).

Anyway, point here is that with ATI using the latest drivers (8.5) and the very latest version of Ubuntu, and the very latest version of Wine (1.0-RC2), all DX games fail to load. Even more troublesome, they all fail in the same manner, about 200 lines of err code output to the terminal.

I have tried regressing the Wine version back to 0.9.54, and that works *better* as in some very simple (FR-08) games will load, but they still lack any graphics other than a blank screen.

For the record, yes, the ATI driver is installed correctly. glxinfo|grep direct yeilds "Direct Rendering: Yes" or whatever, and fglrxinfo shows that I do have the ATI driver installed, with the proper version and release date.

Furthermore, all native Linux 3D accelerated apps play flawlessly, getting well over 100FPS in Nexuiz and the like.

And what's more, I'm not alone. I've been searching the web for over a month now trying to find some sort of solution short of replacing the GPU with an NVidia model, and what I've discovered is that there are many others in my situation.

The frustrating part is that the Community has failed to give an answer. If you look at the forum posts where people post nearly the same exact lines of error code, there is no response. The posts go un-answered on even large forums like ubuntuforums.org for weeks.

Even more frustrating is the "Blame Game". If you talk to Wine Dev's they say it's the ATI driver. If you talk to most anyone other than the WINE dev's they say it's WINE's fault.

No one has come up with anything close to an explanation of where the fault lies, or when something will be done about it.

It's enough to really tick some one off. I have litterally spent over 8 hours of my time researching this issue and trying to get it to work myself. Every ATI driver release I get my hopes up again but for nothing.

I would just like some kind of response. I'm sick and tired of people saying things like "It's those ATI drivers" or my personal pet Peeve "you should get Windows".

I'm not a noob at this either. I have taken a full semester course in Unix using Linux, as well as using Linux full-time at home on Four PC's with multiple distro's for over 2 years.

I'd just like some assurance that something will be done about this.

Thanks, Dan.

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