[Wine] Why is wineprefixcreate deprecated?

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Mon May 26 08:20:33 CDT 2008

Bamm skrev:
> Ove Kaaven wrote:
>> You shouldn't have to. That's not how Wine is meant to work. Since it's unsupported and not recommended, there's no need to make it clean and workaround-free.
> Even a simple Hello World made in VB would need MSVBVM60.DLL copied into system32. So you would prefer that I download winetricks and use it to download and install the entire VB runtime engine, when simply copying the MSVBVM60 would do?

Yes, that would. If you're smart (or happy-go-lucky) enough to know that 
one DLL will be enough, then presumably you're smart enough to use 
wineboot... without complaining about it.

> Ove Kaaven wrote:
>>> another is some installers need to be run from inside the prefix.
>> That's not at all a reason. In fact, it is my *counter*-reason exactly: 
>> just set WINEPREFIX and run the installer, no need to do an additional 
>> step. Easy as pie.
> You obviously jumped in without reading the original post and the other arguments made.

Claiming that someone who disagrees hasn't read/understood the arguments 
is a clear logical fallacy. Even Bill Gates has been guilty of it, so 
you're not alone, I guess. (Though I'm starting to suspect that unlike 
him, you actually want to be a troll.)

> I mentioned that some installers need to be INSIDE the prefix. How can the installer be in the wine prefix if running the installer creates the prefix? 

Because everything has to execute inside the prefix anyway. That's why 
you need one, you know.

> An example is vcredist_x86.exe which extracts itself into the folder it is found in. Let's say I do

Oh, so you *don't* mean that it needs to run inside the prefix. You mean 
that the *current directory* should be inside. Why didn't you say so in 
the first place?

If you had actually said what you meant, my answer could have been 
simpler and more accurate: set WINEPREFIX and run winetricks.

> but I find this very counterintuitive. I have been using wineboot for a long time so don't tell me I don't know what it does.

Of course not. It seems more productive to consider you either a victim 
of force of habit, or maybe a troll, since I can't see how an ordinary 
user would consider wineprefixcreate an easier command than wineboot, 
and "extraordinary" users would also know better than this.

> Following your analogy that wineboot is booting Windows, then wineprefixcreate is installing Windows (and deleting the prefix is like formatting Windows, but leaving behind the shortcuts it created).

To make the lives of most users easier, Windows comes preinstalled. And 
many users happen to be thankful for it. Of course, many of us Linux 
people feel differently. Can't please everyone, I guess.

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