[Wine] Re: .dll settings?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 30 14:30:14 CDT 2008

Arthur Squassabia wrote:
> all of my games that i try to install all ask me ti install directx,

What Wine version are you using? And what games are you talking about?

Arthur Squassabia wrote:
> so i am
> wondering do i need to set some of the dx .dll's to native in winecfg or
> just ignore the directx promptings.

You can do either. Even if you install DX only few files will really be used. And you don't need to override them

Arthur Squassabia wrote:
> also how do you change a game to render
> with openGL instead of directx?

Ask on the game's support channel/forum/group/etc. This has nothing to do with Wine.

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