[Wine] Re: Porting Windows app to Linux: How to access Linux devices?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 2 19:30:54 CST 2008

chrislpnt wrote:
> Thanks for the fast reply. Do you (or anybody) know of any examples where this has been done? I would like to do a rebuild with the Linux code right in the executable but I am really unsure how that would work in detail. Of course I'd need the kernel headers etc. on the Windows build environment but how about linking, calling conventions etc.? Remember it's not a GNU compiler I am working with.

First of all what are you trying to archive? Winelib app can't be run standalone. It can only be started under Wine. And you have to compile winelib with Wine tool chain.

If you want to access devices under Linux you better read documentation for that particular device/driver you are accessing. Wine won't help you there, it doesn't talk to devices directly and does not support device drivers.

As far as building this on not Linux env - it most likely won't work. GNU and other compiler produced code is not guaranteed to be ABI compatible. And usually it's not. You have to use the same tool chain, headers, libraries. Besides what's the use if you compile it outside Linux?

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